Become a Google God


We all use Google for fulfilling our daily search need.But do we really know how to use it optimally? There is much more to the Google search engine than just typing your search phrase and hitting [Enter].
Google Has many options that will let you reach the information you are looking for in the wilderness of cyberspace, more quickly and efficiently. Here we look at some tips that will make you “Google God”.

  • Search Exact Phrase

If you want to search from a exact phrase, use quotes. For example high quality desktop printers will only find that exact phrase. To slightly broaden the search results you quotes in combination. For example high quality “desktop printers” will find the pages that contain the word high quality and the exact phrase “desktop printers“.

  • Search using “OR” operator

Google normally searches for pages that contain all the words you type in the search box,but if you want pages that have one term or another(or both), use the OR operator. For instance high quality desktop OR printer will give you results which contain the words high, quality, desktop or only printers or all of  the terms. Remember the operator is case sensitive and has to be in upper case.

  • Astrix Operator

The Astrix operator serves the exact function it did in DOS (remember Dir*.exe). It’s a wild card and can be used in place of search terms you can’t quit recall. For instance, if you can’t remember exact name of the software you need, you can type Advance * Cleaner and it will give you appropriate result. The operate can also be used to find information on certain domain. For instance to search for educational type Printers Research “*.edu”.

  • Ignore Certain Terms

If you need Google to ignore certain terms, use the   operator. For example if you’re looking for “dark chocolate” and not at all interested in milk chocolate, you can dark -milk chocolate.

  • Find Similar Terms

Use the ~ symbol to return similar terms. For instance, ~dark chocolate, ~dark will get you pages that contain words similar to dark or darkness combined with chocolate. These words might include something related to night.

  • Search For Terms In The Title Of Web Pages

By default, Google searches for your terms within a web page, but by using intitle: you can search for pages that have the word mentioned in the page title field of the web page. intitle: Social Networking Basics will return articles with this title. A variation of this command is allintitle: that will search for all of the above terms in the title of a page.

  • Search For Specific File Type

This is the most useful when looking for some whitepapers or other research orientated material. This is because most serious or in-depth reports on any topics are most likely to be found in formats other than regular HTML pages. All this information is likely to be stored on the web in formats such as PDF, DOC, or PPT. Use a file-type operator to specify file type in your searches. For Example, filetype:PDF Intel Architecture will return only PDF result containing the term intel and architecture.

  • Find The Exact Word

Google automatically searches for synonyms. For example, it finds United States for a query on US, when you may be searching for US Magazine. Some times, Google helps out a little too much and gives you a synonym when you don’t really want it. By attaching a + before a word e.g. +US magazine, you get an exact match for the word. It’s easier than putting quotes.

To be Continue….

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