Google launches click-to-call with Voice extension

Google has launched the second version of its Google Voice extension for Chrome which includes new click-to-call functionality and easier access to voicemail messages.The Google Voice extension, released on Friday, adds a button to the toolbar which displays the number of unread messages in a user’s Google Voice inbox – speeding access to their voicemails, which have been transcribed by Google’s speech recognition engine.

The button will also tell users if they have any recent messages and with a click will allow users to make a call, check messages or send a free text message, according to Google.

However, one of the most useful features for Google Voice users on Chrome will be the click-to-call functionality which allows users to simply click on any number viewed in the browser to call that number directly from within the browser, if required

The calls will be made from whichever phones the user has already set up on Google Voice.

Users can download the new extension from the Google Chrome Extensions page – the voice icon will appear to the right of the search bar without the need for a restart.

Google said it is working on voicemail playback functionality, which will be coming in the near future. The web giant also noted that the extension on Macs is still rather buggy, while switching between tabs in the extension pop up will cause a few problems, as the popup doesn’t automatically resize to fit at present. Both issues are being worked on.

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