Microsoft’s Zune Phone in April?

Microsoft's Zune Phone in April?

With Windows Mobile 7?

With the Mobile World Congress fast approaching, the rumor mills have started to work overtime with some of them sounding outright preposterous and contradictory to earlier reports. This particular rumor we are about to talk of is one such thing.

Most people here might be aware of Microsoft’s Zune Phone (also known as the “Pink” phone). While most of us thought it was what it was – just a rumor and forgot about it, here comes yet another wave of rumor that seems to indicate that a Zune Phone might actually be on the cards – and that too in the next few months. If that wasn’t enough, it would run Windows Mobile

7, the rumor states!

Now, the problem with this is, if Windows Mobile

7 arrives so soon, whatever happens to Windows Mobile 6.6 that is rumored to be arriving during the MWC? In fact, according to Katherine Egbert, a technology analyst at Jefferies, the Zune Phone might see an announcement at the MWC or at CTIA 2010 (in March). The features set of the Zune Phone includes a “music subscription/purchasing service” and a 5MP camera with HD video recording. If we are to go by yesterdays reports, there are apparently two versions of Windows Mobile 7 – the Business Edition and the Media Edition. If that report is correct, then we have to assume that this phone will run the Media Edition of Windows Mobile 7.

As of now, there is a strong doubt if the Zune Phone will ever materialize. It might well be vaporware, but in the world of cellphone rumors, nothing is predictable! All this while, there might be someone at Microsoft who might be smirking at these reports.


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