Social Web- How Social They Are?


The Sheer Popularity of online socializing is what has made me think i should bring you this post, in this post i will tell you about the sociality of these social web.

A lots of social websites are booming over the internet now a days. At least one new social networking site is being launched every month and most of them are successful on attracting people but i am not sure there is something really deferent between them. But the thing is common between them is a huge collection of abusive kind of profiles.

Just have a look on this comment of a Social web user-   

“In Orkut i have seen so many profiles containing adult materials like nude pictures in photo albums,nude videos etc.Orkut is having so many communities which are in adult nature,even you can find lesbian communities in that.
Do you think it is right place to have such things,i don’t think so because even child are using this website for making new friends. I think now it should be Banned.”

To a certain extent, I feel that there is a ‘real’ need in maintaining Orkut. Given its liberal policies, a madman can create real mess on Orkut by creating hate topics, insulting discussions and also spoil images of well known personalities. Its sort of a free ground for cheap and unconstructive publicity. And after the recent blasts, things are turning pretty hot.

But is banning a solution to this problem?

Nope. Given Google’s brand influence, I don’t think it will be practically possible. Even if the police don’t succumb to the influence of any media, there still will be a wide disarray among the ‘anti-social’ elements in the society. Only China is the state which officially monitors Google content. So much so the my blog – cannot be viewed on any Chinese ISP, sole reason being the word – Freedom, I preach about the importance of Freedom and Liberty in life.

“Orkut Profiles are Changing into Porn profiles” 

These days in bulk real profiles are automatically changing into porn or nude profiles. The profile image is changing into nude image and status message & about me in profile are changing into porn website links. Also, country and other personal details are changing. Users are thinking that someone is hacking there accounts. This is happening to those users who are clicking the links of those porn websites in orkut profiles. Don’t click any external links in orkut. If still you want to click, you are compromising your orkut profile.

Following are the Don’ts while Orkutting:

  • Don’t run any scripts while orkutting.
  • Don’t post orkut scraps from other websites.
  • Don’t use your orkut username & password other than
  • Don’t use third-party websites to scrap all your friends or to access your Orkut account.
  • Don’t use any scripts or software to increase your scrap count.

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