Orkut launched New but user still prefers Old

Its Not a long ago when most of the people were using orkut as a social web connection.Everyone did love it but by the time the were getting bore with it because of nothing new over there and some other social webs jumped upon the market started and capturing users and the first target was “The orkut users”.

Twitter, flicker, tagged, my space and many more (“I Can’t Even Cont Them How Many are There.”) came in to market and gained great publicity, they grabbed as many as the could and most of them “Facebooked” or “Twitted“.

After that Orkut launched new version of it which behaves exactly like Twitter but do their user love it. “At least I don’t.”

Well report says Orkut has less user than others but user still love to Orkut “Specially in India” over Twitter or Facebook.

When I went for an online survey through “Polldaddy” and I got some answers like-

“Twitter is like open i mean u can easily spam there, but orkut has many boundations (more privacy) and thats good for some people. For example- every time makes a code to send mass messages in orkut, guys change the programming accordingly and the code becomes useless.”

“Yeah!! orkut is much more user friendly i mean u can customize it easily, and lately the standards of orkut are increasing as well, If you post a message in orkut it surely will get noticed by the person to whom it is addressed whereas in twitter most of the people never read the post message.”

    • prakash singh
    • December 4th, 2009

    Its Really true i was exited about twitter but now i got bored with it.

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